How do you choose a coworking space?

ByKaren Bain

How do you choose a coworking space?

It isn’t easy finding a coworking space that is right for you, it depends on many factors, from your style of work to internet bandwidth.  So how do you choose a coworking space that works for you?  Some of the obvious elements to think about are: monthly cost, type of work space required, flexibility, access, layout and additional bolt ons.

So, how to choose a coworking space that works for you?  What are the pros & cons?


  • Business grade high speed internet access and other standard office facilities, which may be included free of charge.
  • Opportunities to associate with other freelancers and entrepreneurs.
  • You’ll find diverse professions and backgrounds from, start up businesses, social media wizards, consultants, writers, IT gurus, marketing & PR freelancers, bloggers to third sector organisations.
  • In house networking events, lunch & learn sessions, information distribution, knowledge sharing and social activities.
  • Various ages, contrary to popular belief coworking spaces are not just for young creative types.  It’s typical to see anyone from students/ recent graduates to mid age career consultants to retirees. All of whom are looking to be innovative and gain some inspiration.


  • Be sure of the costs, read the fine print.  It could be there are “add on” charges for printing, copying or coffee.
  • Some coworking spaces may not have the extra networking sessions or get togethers, so it can be rather quiet. This is not necessarily a bad thing if you are there to work and not mingle but it can be distancing and isolating to those who have just started up on their own and are looking for a community.
  • Can be lonely at the onset since you will basically be the “new guy”.  Coworking is flexible and workers can transient, the person you met yesterday or last month may not be in today.

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