What is it about coworking spaces that make them so effective?

ByKaren Bain

What is it about coworking spaces that make them so effective?

There are quite a few benefits to coworking spaces that make them a prime place for individuals to work and build their small businesses or careers.

coworking spaces.

Individuals who use coworking spaces see those around them as inspirational and supportive. Working in a coworking space encourages people to help each other. A freelance web designer, IT specialist, and PR consultant may work in the same space but not feel the need to contend with each other.  Instead, they are available to give guidance and help to each other in their various areas of expertise. Individuals in a coworking space have unique skill sets they can share with others and this often promotes growth for the whole shared community.

You get the formality of going into a structured work environment outside the home, coupled with the flexibility of whatever work hours you want. Choices mean that you can work long hours if you have a deadline or take long breaks without fear of getting in trouble. There are no designated areas set for you to work at, you can choose to work with others or in a quiet, private environment, and this can be flexible day on day depending on your needs.

Working as a community enhances the working experience, not only can you tap in to the skills and knowledge of others around you, but you have the emotional support and sense of kinship that is extremely important to your professional development. No one is managing you or competing with you, but rather, are supporting each other and holding each other accountable.

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