Monthly Archive May 2018

ByKaren Bain

So what’s coworking really all about?

Coworking may have a positive, cosy ring to it but what does it really stand for? Most people understand that coworking involves sharing a communal workspace with others. And they’d be right. But they’d also be wrong. Because coworking can – and should – mean so much more.

Space to work

At its most basic, coworking provides you with a space to get stuff done. Entrepreneurs, sole traders, small teams, freelancers, visiting workers from out of town – all are welcome. And all who are part of a coworking community will find that it’s the ambience, as much as the bricks, mortar, desk space and kitchen facilities, which helps them thrive.

Space to learn

Anything new is stimulating. And anything new provides a learning opportunity. A coworking community provides stimulation and learning every single day. Not via structured training courses (unless there’s one going on in our dedicated training rooms) but by the very nature of our members, who bring fresh ideas, opportunities and personalities through our doors.

Space to connect

Making connections is, arguably, at the heart of coworking. Even those who happily work alone often lament the lack of colleagues to bounce ideas around with. A coworking community allows members to share opinions, knowledge, networks – and even day-to-day grumbles – with their fellow coworkers. Some coworkers even end up launching businesses together!

Space to meet

Many coworking communities, Desk@theD included, offer dedicated meeting and training spaces for use by their members. A comfortable yet professional meeting space can be hard to access if you’re a start-up, freelancer or entrepreneur. Our meeting rooms provide a work-appropriate alternative to your local café – and show your associates that you really do mean business.

Karen Bain is development manager at Desk@theD, a new coworking community in Aberdeen city. To find out more about the benefits of coworking, contact Karen on or call 01224 608992.